Famous Graveyards

haiku poet ‘Sonome’

This is the tomb of a famous female haiku poet ‘Sonome’. This place also consists of a temple. Therefore, if you like experiencing visiting a temple and a tomb at the same place this is the perfect opportunity.

Shirakawa 1-chome 1-8, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0021, Tokyo

Murata Harumi Haka

‘Murata Harumi Haka’ is the grave of Murata Harumi who is a scholar and waka poet of the Edo period. Since Japanese graveyards are very different from other countries and also because ‘Murata Harumi Haka’ is bit different from usual grave yards of Japan, ‘Murata Harumi Haka’ is definitely worth a visit.

Koto Ward Kiyosumi 3-4-23