1 person one night   9,000 yen
2 person one night   9,000 yen
3 person one night 12,000 yen
4 person one night 15,000 yen
5 person one night 18,000 yen
6 person one night 22,000 yen
7 person one night 27,000 yen
8 person one night 30,000 yen


・A cleaning fee of 12,000 yen will be chargeed.
・Check-in time; 15:00 Check-out time; 11:00
・Chiidren are free if they are under 5years old.
・2 children are counted as 1 adult
・Baby(0~3)is no count for charge
・If you stay more than one week with us there will be discounts.
・Pick up service will cost money, but will definitely be available.

Cancellation policy is as follows :

If cancellation is done 14 days before checkin no money will be charged.

However if cancellation is done on the 14 day or later from check in , money for the entire stay will be charged as cancellation fee.